Your next steps

As a member of the Berkeley College Alumni Association, you receive career enhancement services to help you achieve your career goals.  The Berkeley College Alumni Association has partnered with Alumni Playbook to help you advance your career by connecting you with top recruitment firms.

How does it work?

Recruitment firms struggle to find top talent. Alumni from universities are top talent. Alumni Playbook partners with alumni associations to help top recruitment firms find top talent – that’s you!

1. Complete your Alumni Playbook profile in less than 5 minutes.
Note: be sure to have a copy of your resume available to submit with your profile.

2. Recruiters match your profile with relevant opportunities.

3. Recruiters contact you on possible next steps.

What’s the catch? There is none. Alumni Playbook is a career services benefit for all Berkeley alumni. Alumni Playbook is always free for Alumni and Alumni Associations.

Elevate your career

Alumni Playbook helps university alumni like you take the right steps towards advancing their career. Not looking? That’s totally fine. Whether you’re actively searching or not, Alumni Playbook is a resource to help connect you and your fellow alum with a world of opportunities. At no cost to you, ever, it’s easy to get started just to see what’s what.

Alumni Playbook in partnership with the Berkeley College Alumni Association

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